ThirstyChoice Hague Quality Water Softener is The Right Solution™ for you.

The Hague Quality WaterHague WaterMax® (shown on right) water softener is a custom designed whole house water treatment system, offering your family a patented approach to solving specific water needs.

Unique features include:

  • Multi-compartment media tank for complete flexibility in media configuration, plus more usable resin capacity.
  • On-demand regenerating by calendar or by exact water usage.
  • Super quiet control valve (with only one internal moving part), ensuring long life and reliable operations.

Hague Quality Water® proudly carries the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal on all products.

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For all these reasons, The WaterMax® is The Right Solution™ for all your family’s water treatment needs. Please browse this website for additional product and benefit information. Use the contact us link to further explore the Hague water softener.